Established 1939
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The Social Development Programme, with a team of social workers and social auxiliary workers,
offers the following services to individuals and families from disadvantaged communities:
  • Specialist mental health counselling, crisis, statutory and home intervention where necessary.
  • Assistance in accessing services, resources and opportunities.
  • Guidance and capacity building towards improved coping with mental disabilities and life crisis.
  • Administration of social grants to prevent exploitation and abuse.
  • Support group services
  • Facilitating Psychiatric Consumer Advocacy services to give service-users an opportunity to
    advocate and lobby for the rights of people with mental disabilities and to partake in discussion
    which affects them, on various forums, departments etc.

The Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) for corporate and the public sector offers mental health services to companies who choose to outsource their Employee Assistance Programme to Port Elizabeth Mental Health. Employees benefit from on-site counseling, capacity building, stress management, resolving of emotional problems and trauma debriefing.

The Early intervention, Education and Awareness programmes promote awareness of mental health and prevention of mental illness and ensure and promote the rights of people with mental disabilities.

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